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Unique Content Article: You May Need To Get Garden Planning Permission Where You Live

You May Need To Get Garden Planning Permission Where You Live

by Carl Robinson

Since you own your own property you more than likely think or believe that you can pretty much do what you want without any problems. But that could not be any further from the truth. You might be surprised at the fact that there may be times that even a homeowner will find out that they need garden planning permission from their local government.

Before you even begin, it is extremely important that you find out from your local authorities whether or not there are regulations on what you are planning on doing to your property. The city or town you live in should have a planning department and they should be able to tell you whether or not you need permission. These officials however; are quite busy and be prepared for a wait for your answer.

If you find no restrictions and you do not have to have garden planning permission, you should then consider the fact that what you might be planning could affect others in your neighborhood. For instance if you are planning on putting up flood lights, make sure that you ask your neighbors if they will mind this, because the lights might shine right into their bedroom. Another thing you should talk to your neighbors about is whether or not what you are building is going to hamper any view that they might have.

Gates and fences are probably the most common thing people put up in their gardens and they are probably the things that a homeowner feels does not need garden planning permission. This might not be the case. It is always wise to check with authorities to see if there are regulations. Some towns and cities do have specific rules for these.

You might even have to get permission to build a fence on your land even if you live near a highway, however; growing bushes, trees and hedges generally do not need permission.

If your project gives way to any type of vehicle like a carport or a driveway, you will more than likely have to get garden planning permission for something like this.

Projects that are pretty much free from requiring any kind of permission would be things like swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, fish ponds, water features, etc.

Always remember this, if you are not sure whether or not there are rules about what you want to do, always check first before you start on your project.

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