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Ceramics the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Ceramics For The Whole Family To Do

Kids Crafts can be done any many different ways. Try and incorporate crafts you would not normally think of for kids.

It's so rewarding to make a ceramic piece from scratch. There's just something spectacular about watching it go from raw clay to a beautiful, finished product. It makes it hard to stop at one piece.

Getting the whole family in on the creation of ceramic groupings is a great way to bond while making something together. If each person does one or two pieces, you can end up with a nice collection or scene. Or some members can do the shaping and firing, and the others can do the painting.

Here are some ceramic projects that the whole family can participate in and enjoy and that therefore make excellent Kids Crafts:

* Nativity scenes - One of the most popular kinds of ceramic groupings for Christmas, a nativity scene is a great family project. Once the actual pieces are done, you could build a wooden barn together and add hay for added authenticity.

* Halloween groupings - There are all sorts of possibilities for Halloween. You could do a group of trick or treaters with different costumes, some whimsical ghosts, bats or spiders, or jack-o-lantern candleholders with different faces.

* Pottery - Kids are often intrigued by pottery wheels, so why not let them try their hand at using one? They may need a little help, but they can make simple pieces fairly easily. Creating a pottery grouping with coordinating pieces could be a great family project.

* Wall hangings - Groups of ceramic wall hangings make lovely decorations. Each family member could create one with a favorite quote or a hand-carved design on it. How about having each person carve a picture of his or her favorite animal or flower?

* Coasters and trivets - Coasters and trivets are quite simple to make, and they're really useful. Making a set as a family is a great project if you have young children. Handmade coasters and trivets also make nice gifts, so make several sets for the holidays.

* Refrigerator magnets - This is another easy project, because it provides a great deal of freedom. As long as the ceramic piece isn't so heavy as to weigh the magnet down, it doesn't have to be perfectly flat and doesn't matter what shape it is. Take pictures while the family is making them, and when the magnets are done, hang the pictures up with them to remind everyone how much fun it was.

Ceramic groupings and sets are fun to make, and they're even more fun when you get the whole family involved. Even young children can create simple ceramic pieces. Whether you're making them to give as gifts or keep around the house, a ceramic set made by your entire family will always be a source of fond memories.

Creative Playdough Ideas For Kids

It's no secret that kids love to create! Creative Playdough Ideas For Kids provides fun ideas and cool creations for kids to make with playdough, as well as for the grown ups in their lives to do with them. Playdough is fun to squish, squash and create with!

Creative Playdough Ideas For Kids is a 32 page e-book that is downloadable in PDF format. This e-book offers a variety of playdough creations and ideas for children, parents and all others that teach, work, play and care for children.

* Creative Playdough Ideas For Kids provides simple, step by step instructions for a variety of creations with full color photos throughout.

*This e-book provides 2 homemade playdough recipes that can be made and ready to use in less than 15 minutes. (Fast, easy and inexpensive!)

*Playdough is educational-the creations in this e-book can be used to teach various themes (for example, bugs and insects or flowers).

*Playdough is a great sensory, manipulative medium for children and is super for developing hand-muscle coordination and dexterity.

*Making these playdough creations makes a great kids Birthday party or children's event activity.

*The ideas in this e-book are not just for playdough, but any modeling dough or medium. The main tools used are your hands and some common household items.

* Playdough creations in the book include: cat, turtle, lion, snail, pig, snowman, snake, two rose methods, daisy, daffodil, ladybug, faces, cup and saucer, a heart of flowers, fruit and butterfly.

Download This e-book for hours of fun for your kids.

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Kids' Halloween Crafts - Balloon Toys Crafts

Kids' Halloween Crafts - Balloon Toys Crafts.

Kids' Halloween Crafts ideas!

Try and get hold of two giant balloons, one white and one black. Use them for these two Kids Halloween Crafts that you can be sure your kids will love to make. These two imaginative kids' Halloween crafts ideas we have for you turn them into unusual Halloween toys or decorations.

Ghost kids craft idea with a white balloon:

If your kids liked Casper the ghost they will enjoy this free kids' Halloween crafts idea for making an adorable little ghost as a toy or a decoration for a Halloween party. It is very simple and cute.

This Is What You Will Need:

  • A big white balloon

  • Some white plastic grocery bags

  • Clear tape

  • A black marker

  • Blunt ended or rounded scissors

Give the kids some white grocery bags and ask them to cut out strips about an inch wide by about 8 inches long, avoiding any colored parts so that the strips are all white.

Blow up the balloon, tie a secure knot in the neck to prevent the air escaping, and then hang it up with string somewhere the children can reach it easily.

Draw spooky eyes and a mouth on the balloon to make a ghost. Now the kids can stick their white strips of plastic all around the bottom end of the balloon to make a floaty ghost effect. This kid's craft idea makes a great Halloween decoration!

Scary spider Kids Halloween crafts idea with a black balloon

Make a huge black spider for Halloween with this kids' Halloween crafts idea.

This Is What You Will Need:

  • A big black balloon

  • 4 long, black pipe cleaners

  • Some white-out (liquid paper)

  • A bit of string or yarn

Blow up the balloon so that it is only partially inflated, and tie a knot in it. Then make a twist in it so that you have a big ball and a little ball. The little ball will become the spider's head and should be at the end of the balloon with the opening.

Twist each pipe cleaner around the "neck" of the spider by folding it in half over the balloon and twisting tightly. (Adult help may be needed for this bit as the pipe cleaners have sharp ends that may burst the balloon!) Twist the pipe cleaner in such a way that they resemble the legs of a spider. If you have a careful look at a spider you'll notice that all legs are on the front part of the spider.

Your spider now has eight legs! Fold each leg to make it jointed. Using the white-out, paint scary eyes and fangs on the spider's face.

These balloon crafts are popular and fun free Kids' Halloween Crafts ideas for Halloween parties.

Get more Halloween Kid's Crafts in Fun Kids Crafts E-Book, the Halloween crafts starts on page 233 and there are no less than 11 really fun and easy Kids Halloween Crafts.

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