Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nature Craft: Making Twig Creations

Fun Kids Crafts - Nature Craft: Making Twig Creations

It's amazing how many things we can find in nature to use in crafts. Pine cones can be used in bird feeders, home-made potpourri and all sorts of other things. Leaves and flowers can be dried or pressed for a variety of uses. Even twigs can be used to make beautiful, rustic crafts.

This twig creations project makes a great gift and costs next to nothing to make. Kids can easily make it with a little help from an adult. The finished product can be used to hold candy, pencils, office supplies or any other small objects. So, this makes it a very suitable fun kids craft.


  • Used tin can (use a can opener that removes the entire top of the can, leaving no sharp edges)
  • Twigs
  • Yard clippers
  • Glue (a hot glue gun works best, but other kinds may work too)
  • Dried leaves and/or flowers
  • Ribbon


  1. Wash out the tin can thoroughly. Remove the label and wash the outside as well.
  2. Use the yard clippers to clip the twigs to about the same length as the height of the can. You can make them all uniform or vary the lengths slightly for a more rustic look.
  3. Glue the twigs around the can vertically. Cover the entire outside. Let dry.
  4. Arrange dried flowers and/or leaves on the outside of the can and glue them in place.
  5. Tie a ribbon around the can and secure with glue. Let dry.

Preparing the Flowers

Before you use flowers for crafts, they need to be dried. One of the easiest ways to do so is to press them. Simply place them in the middle of a heavy hardcover book and leave them for about two weeks. Or if you don't want to wait that long, buy a flower press. Most can be used in the oven or microwave, making pressing quick and easy. Just be sure to read the directions carefully to avoid damaging the flowers.

If you do not want your flowers to be flat, you'll need to dry them a different way. One way to do this is to hang them upside-down in bundles. Place them in a well-ventilated area, and leave them for ten to fourteen days.

Flowers may also be dried in silica gel, borax or sand. To do this, place the flowers upside-down in a box full of either of these drying agents. Gently sift some of the sand, borax or silica gel onto the flower heads until covered, and leave in a warm, dry place for two weeks.

When the flowers are dry, spray them with hairspray. This will help them retain their color and provide some protection from breakage. Keep the finished craft out of sunlight and away from extreme heat to protect the flowers.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Make a Flower Crown

How to Make a Flower Crown

Spring flowers are a favorite theme for spring crafts. They're so pretty and colorful, and they can be incorporated into all sorts of projects, from simple to advanced. For young children, a flower crown is the perfect craft to welcome this highly anticipated season.

This craft is ideal for those rainy day blues. It will remind kids that all of that rain may be no fun right now, but it produces some beautiful results.

Flower crowns are also great projects for girls' birthday parties and sleepovers. They're simple, quick and inexpensive to make. To save time, you could do the measuring and cutting ahead of time and provide the materials to decorate the crowns.


  • Paper plate
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or Exacto knife
  • Markers, crayons or paint
  • Plastic jewels
  • Ribbon
  • Construction paper
  • Glue


  1. Paint the paper plate a solid color if desired. Keep in mind that the bottom of the plate will be on top of the finished crown. Let dry.
  2. Using the ruler, mark the center of the paper plate. Draw a straight line through the center, beginning and ending about an inch from the plate's edge.
  3. Draw another line perpendicular to the first, again starting and ending an inch from the edge. The plate should now be divided into four equal sections.
  4. Draw two more lines to create a total of eight equal sections.
  5. Cut along the lines you've just drawn. If using scissors, fold the plate slightly and make a small cut in the center to start. An Exacto knife works nicely as well, but should be used by an adult only.
  6. Once all of the lines are cut, there will be eight triangles in the center of the plate. Holding the plate upside-down, bend each triangle upward, creasing so that it will stand on its own.
  7. Decorate your crown as you like. Add color with paint, markers or crayons. Glue on ribbon tails and add embellishments such as plastic jewels.
  8. Cut eight flower shapes out of various colors of construction paper. For daisy-type flowers, cut circles out of a contrasting color and glue them in the center of the flower shape. Add some glitter if desired.
  9. Glue a flower to the tip of each triangle on the crown. Let dry.

These flower crowns are sure to put a smile on any little girl's face. And with some minor modifications, there are some other great crowns that could be made too. Instead of flowers girls and boys could adorn their crowns with cars, animals or anything else they can make out of construction paper. Eggs could be used for Easter crowns for boys and girls, or shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easy Kids Crafts - Creative Fun for 0-3 Year Olds

Easy Kids Crafts - Creative Fun for 0-3 Year Olds

Little Kids are always on the go, looking for new things to occupy their active minds. It might seem impossible to get them to sit down and do crafts, but it's usually much easier than you might imagine. Easy Kids crafts that keep them engaged are great for their cognitive development and hand-eye coordination. Do not forget about those little motor skills either!

The key to success when crafting with toddlers is keeping it simple. They do not have the attention span to create things that require a great deal of time, and they will not understand long-winded instructions. Easy Kids crafts that can be completed in a few simple steps stand a better chance of holding their attention.

When choosing toddler crafts, keep in mind that all materials should be reasonably safe for young children. If sharp objects are required, you will need to do the part that requires their use. Very small objects such as seed beads should not be used because they could easily be swallowed without your knowledge. Anything the size of a large button or bigger should not pose a problem as long as you provide close supervision.

Here are some craft ideas that your toddler will love:

1. Macaroni jewelry

Put some straight macaroni in a jar with a few drops of food coloring. Shake the jar until all pieces are colored. Blot off excess food coloring with a paper towel, string the pasta onto a piece of yarn of the desired size and tie the ends together.

2. Paper plate fish

All you'll need for this craft is a paper plate, scissors and markers or crayons. Help your child cut a triangle out of the paper plate to make the fish's mouth. Glue the triangle directly across from the mouth for a fin. Decorate the fish with the markers or crayons. If you like, glue on a googly eye instead of drawing an eye.

3. Paper plate mask

Cut out eyeholes in a paper plate. Let your child use crayons, markers or paint to decorate the mask any way he wants. Punch a hole in each side of the finished mask and run a piece of elastic through, tying each end to secure.

4. Play Doh sculptures

Play Doh is fun to play with, but it can also be used to make figurines. Simply let your child model the dough just as one would model clay, until the desired shape is achieved. Help him add details with other colors or by carving, and leave the sculpture out to dry.

5. Collages

A collage makes a great project and a great decoration for your child's room. Just supply some poster board, magazines or copies of photos, safety scissors and a glue stick, and let your child create her own work of art. Younger children may need help cutting things out.

Crafting is a great way to ward off boredom, and it's great for young minds and hands. Simple crafts can be out of things you already have around the house, so you can get your little one started creating any time.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

How To Make Kids Crafts - Fingerprint Flowers

How To Make Kids Crafts - Fingerprint Flowers

To make kids crafts always is a very special time with your kids. Crafts from kids tend to hold a special place in our hearts. Even the simplest projects make treasured keepsakes that we hold on to for years to come. And when those crafts capture a piece of childhood, they are especially meaningful.

This is why handprint plaque kits are so popular. Those tiny hands may never be that tiny again, but the finished project will always evoke memories of when they were.

There are a number of variations on the handprint theme. There is wall art that features handprints immortalized in finger paint, and there's the perennial Thanksgiving turkey that's made from a cardboard cutout traced around a hand. For spring, fingerprint flowers make an adorable keepsake. They're ideal for Mother's Day, Grandparents' Day or Easter, or to give "just because."

This is a great craft to make for kids, and it is suitable for children from preschool age up. Younger children can also do it with some help from a parent or older sibling.

The Supplies You Will Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Green chenille stems or drinking straws (if you don't have either of these things handy, painting some craft sticks green will work as well)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Styrofoam cup
  • Buttons, pom poms and/or stick-on jewels (optional)
  • Floral foam

Instructions for This Crafts:

  1. Draw a small flower shape on a piece of construction paper. Make sure the petals are large enough for a child's fingerprint. Cut out.
  2. Trace the flower shape you've just cut out onto construction paper in various colors. Cut these flower shapes out.
  3. Dip the child's finger into paint. Remove excess paint, then press the finger onto each petal.
  4. Remove all paint from the finger, then dip it in a contrasting color. Press the finger into the center of the flower.
  5. Repeat for each flower, and let all flowers dry.
  6. Cut a green chenille stem in half. Glue the end to the back of the flower. Let glue dry.
  7. Paint the styrofoam cup in a bright color. Let dry. Decorate by painting designs on it or gluing on pom poms, buttons or stick-on jewels. Let paint and/or glue dry.
  8. Glue a piece of floral foam to the inside of the cup. Let dry.
  9. Poke holes into the floral foam and stick the flower stems into them. Secure with a small amount of glue. Let dry.

That's all there is to it! This is an ideal example of how to make kids crafts. This simple yet adorable craft is sure to be a hit with kids, and it makes a wonderful gift. It also makes a great decoration for spring parties. You could have your child make lots of flowers and put some floral foam into a larger container to make a whimsical centerpiece. Or kids could make several of them to add to place settings at a small gathering. The possibilities, to make kids crafts, are endless.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Easter Crafts For Kids - The Ultimate Easter Craft Kit

Crafts are part of holiday celebrations in many households. Crafts are a great way to teach children about the holiday and keep them occupied as well. Here are some great ideas for putting together Easter themed crafts kits for the kids. Putting together an Easter themed craft kit will keep you prepared for those moments where something is needed to keep small hands busy.

Here are some items your craft kit should include:

  • Crayons or Markers
  • Easter stickers
  • Glue sticks
  • Cardstock and construction paper
  • Regular white paper
  • Craft scissors
  • Easter stencils
  • Easter stamps and ink
  • Foam shapes, small pompoms, googly eyes, etc.
  • Ribbon or yarn scraps

The craft kit is generally fairly easy to put together and can be done very affordably using times from your local dollar store and discount outlets. It helps to have a good idea of the age group that will be using the kit. Younger children will prefer crayons and stickers while older children may prefer glitter glue, markers and fancy edge scissors.

Older children will be able to come up with dozens of craft ideas from this selection of craft times, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Easter Bookmarks

Cut cardstock into 6x2” strips and use a hole punch to put a hole at the top of each bookmark. Your child can decorate their bookmarks using items from the kit and a ribbon or yarn scrap can be added through the hole at the top to finish it off. Help your child pick an appropriate verse to include on their bookmark in keeping with the Easter theme. These bookmarks can be for their own use, or given as gifts to friends or grandparents.

2. Easter Cards

Cards are another simple craft idea that can also be used to create gifts for grandparents or other family members. Younger children may need help cutting and folding the cardstock which can then be decorated using the items in the kit. For an extra touch, try other shapes: egg shaped cards, cross shaped cards, etc.

If your child is going to be giving their cards to friends and family, envelopes offer additional craft options. You may want to provide basic envelopes for younger children to decorate, or print out templates for older children to make their own envelopes. You can find envelope templates from many online scrapbook and craft sites.

3. Easter Journals

An Easter journal is really a craft within a craft. Children will enjoy creating their journals, and can later use them for entertainment as well. To start off, create a cover using folded cardstock and inside pages using regular white paper. Help your child staples the pages together. Your child can then decorate the cover of their journal using the items in the kit.

These journals can be used as coloring pages to keep your child busy during family gatherings or on long drives between gatherings. They can also serve as a place for your child to write about their Easter celebrations, making a great keepsake to look back at in years to come. Older teens may want to use their journals as a special place to journal during their devotional time over the Easter holiday.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book: The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book: Creative Fun for 2-6 Year Olds (Williamson Little Hands Series)

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book: Creative Fun for 2- To 6-Year-Olds (Williamson Little Hands Series)

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book is designed for every family with toddler up to Grade 1 children. It is packed with age-appropriate craft activities and projects either for the home, the great outdoors or even special places. You and your children will get many hours of crafty fun and enjoyment from this book.

The book is divided into various categories:

* Animals and Trees

* School Days

* Big Fun Crafts

* Family Fun

* Friendship

* Around the World Celebration

* Neighborhood

* Outdoor Fun

* Big Fun in Special Places

In each category you will find lots of different and exciting craft projects. In the Animals and Tree section, you will find ideas for making an Earth Day Crown, a Saw Dust Bug, Four Season Trees and more. The Around the World Celebration section gives lots of ideas from other cultures, like an American Yankee Doodle Dandy Headband, an Oatmeal Box Drum from Nigeria, Swinging Lanterns from Vietnam and others.

The Big Fun in Special Places activities follow a trip to a special place like a museum or a zoo. The children can make a Seashell Paperweight after a visit to the beach or an Old McDonald Mural, after a trip to a farm. They will learn through craft about their surroundings and will take lots of pride in their finished product.

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book comes with very easy instructions and simple materials as well as advice on how to work safely with young children.