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Make Kids Crafts - Make a Mural

Make Kids Crafts - Make a Mural

How to make kids crafts for a group:

Usually all instructions for how to make kids crafts are crafts ideas for individuals. It is a good idea thought, to also do crafts working in a group.

1. Make a mural:

Making a mural together is an idea that works very well for a group. Working together the kids are creating something to decorate a shared area with. Displaying individual items often creates a very "overdone" image because there are so many that are almost the same. Sending home all the kids crafts later on creates a problem at home because it takes up such a lot of space. Later on parents have no choice but to throw them out. This craft idea of making a group mural can be displayed for several weeks and will not become clutter in anyone's home.

2. Basic materials:

The basic materials for a kids' group mural is freezer paper. Freezer paper is about 18 inches wide, and it is very tough. One side is plastic coated. That is the side that is designed to be placed against the food. You will have better luck drawing on and gluing things onto the other side.

3. A number of different design elements:

Class or group murals can feature a number of different design elements. You can mix up some finger paint and let the children make hand prints (or even foot prints!) on the paper. You can let them scour old cast-off magazines and color catalogs for pictures they like and let them cut the pictures out and glue them on. They can add scribbles, designs, signatures, slogans, or pictures using markers, crayons, or gel pens. They can attach stickers to the mural as well. This craft idea is very flexible!

4. The choice of a topic:

For making the mural, choose a topic that relates to the group in some way.

  • If the group are girl scouts, for instance, and have been learning to camp, the mural can feature pictures of items related to camping.
  • If you've been learning about dinosaurs, you can use them as a theme.

5. An idea for fall:

If you want a really messy project that makes a cute mural for fall, mix up finger paint in fall colors. The children can each make a tree by first laying their forearm in brown paint. Then they lay their arm on the paper to make the trunk of the tree. They should spread out their fingers so their arm print has five short branches at the top. To make the leaves, the children make fingerprints all around the top of the tree using paints in other fall colors. If you add a few drops of dishwashing detergent to finger paint when mixing it up, it will be easier to clean off the children's arms. Do make sure they have old clothes or smocks for this craft idea.

6. One for the little kids:

Little preschoolers will like making a mural with an animal theme. You should probably find and cut out animal magazine pictures to start with, and then let the children choose the ones they like for gluing down. Glue sticks are neat to use with small children. They will paste some of the pictures upside down. Expect it and do not scold them. It is the process that is important in this craft idea. The children can also use animal cookie cutters dipped in finger paint to stamp animals on the mural. You may need to tape the paper to the table so it doesn't slide around while the children work.

These are only a few ideas on how to make kids crafts for a group. The most important thing to remember is, try and give the kids free reign and leave them when they do it their way and not exactly as you planned it. To make kids crafts for a group is about their interaction and their ideas, let them experiment.

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Kids Crafts Ideas: Disney's FamilyFun Crafts: 500 Creative Activities for You and Your Kids

Disney FamilyFun: 500 creative Activities for you and your kids were created by Deanna F. Cook in conjunction with FamilyFun Magazine. Filled with easy and affordable kids crafts ideas that are sure to keep your children busy for hours, this is one book that has received rave reviews by parents who have purchased the book.

Disney's FamilyFun Crafts: 500 Creative Activities for You and Your Kids

The crafts ideas in this book are organized into chapters with similar themes. For example “Let's Color!" includes ideas using paint, crayons, pencils, and chalk. Another chapter entitled, "Likable Recyclables" offers uses for old cans, and bottles, egg cartons, and milk jugs that are a lot more fun than simply tossing them into the recycle bin. "Gifts Kids Can Make" contains some great ideas that children can use to construct a special personalized present for a loved one this holiday season.

The beauty of this book is that each craft idea is presented in a recipe-like fashion. A brief description is given with a list of necessary materials, and instructions are furnished.

Disney's FamilyFun Crafts is the perfect activity for children who become bored easily on rainy or snowy days. It has plenty of illustrations and photos, and the pictures of the kids displayed in the book look quite happy enjoying the activities.

More importantly, most of the kids crafts ideas use common, everyday supplies. The crafts projects are so easy that younger children will be able to achieve success even if they utilize the basic form of the projects. Conversely, older kids can utilize their creativity on each project by adding their own unique style.

With its full color pages and activities galore, your children will spend hours of enjoyment with Disney’s FamilyFun Crafts. From a fish made out of a milk carton to rainbow crayons made out of all the broken pieces of crayons; this book offers a comprehensive guide for making crafts for school, home, holidays, or as gifts.

Not only is Disney’s FamilyFun Crafts the only book your children will ever need, but adults may find it just as useful as well. This is especially true if you wish to make candles or pressed flowers. There’s something for everyone!

With all these easy kids' crafts ideas, you will never have to look for inspirations again. Spend hours of fun with the kids with these kids' crafts ideas.

Disney's FamilyFun Crafts: 500 Creative Activities for You and Your Kids

If you have started looking for Halloween Crafts, I can strongly recommend the E-Book Fun Kids Crafts, there are lots of Halloween crafts in it. I really love the pasta skeleton craft on page 236 and cannot wait to make it with my granddaughter.

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Kids Crafts Ideas: Shoe Crafts

Here is one of our really fun kids' crafts ideas, decorating your shoes! Kids love this kind of crafts because they can actually use it afterwards.

No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes. You must not think it is more so for adults than kids. Kids' idea of the right shoes may differ from that of adults though. On thing I know is kids love shoes. My little granddaughter is only 4 but she has a serious love affair with shoes. I have never seen any kid with more shoes than she has and still it is a major fight not to buy more.

Funky, embellished shoes are quite popular among the younger set, especially the younger kids. This provides a great opportunity to bring out kids' creativity! Here are some shoe crafts that your kids will love (and that you can enjoy with them as well).

Here are a few tips on how you can implement this kids crafts ideas:

1. You Can Spruce Up Your Shoelaces

Colorful shoelaces can add pizzazz to any pair of sneakers. You can easily tie-dye shoelaces by mixing two or more colors of fabric paint with an equal amount of warm water. Tie knots in the laces about an inch apart, and then dip each individual section into the dye, alternating colors. This can get messy, so be sure to cover the work area and protect the kids' clothing!

There is an even simpler way to decorate your shoelaces, use fine-tipped markers. Sharpies are the best, because they are permanent. And they now come in lots of different colors, so you can use them to make your laces extra colorful.

2. Have Fun Making Your Own Charms

We all know shoelace charms look great on sneakers. There are kits available that have everything you need to make your own shoelace charms. You can also buy individual supplies at your local craft store or online.

If you love your Crocks, making your own snap-in charms can really be a lot of fun. Using Fimo clay, you can make any kind of charm you can imagine. You can paint it with acrylic paint once it's dry. There are also rubber plugs that you can buy online or in craft stores to glue to the back of any kind of charm. Using these, you can make charms out of virtually any type of material, including plastic, metal, and rubber.

3. For Lots Of Fun, Paint Your Shoes

Especially for the little ones, one of the simplest ways to make shoes unique is to paint them. This works well for many types of flip flops, as well as cloth sneakers. All you need is some fabric paint and a pencil to get started. Just draw your design on with a pencil, and when it's just right, fill it in with paint.

You can add flair to your painted shoes by adding some studs or colorful rhinestones. These provide nice, sparkly accents. The stick-on kind may work, but they tend to come off easily, especially when you put them on something you're going to wear. A Bedazzler will attach them much more securely.

Decorating your shoes is a fun way for kids to express their individuality. It's also a great kid's crafts project to do with the family or friends. With just a few simple craft supplies, they can have hours of fun making their shoes unique.

With this kid's crafts ideas I'm sure I'm going to buy less shoes for Anabel and get her decorating the old ones instead to make them new again. Enjoy this fun kid's craft.

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Kid's Crafts Ideas: Movie Crafts for Kids

I find that people are already looking for Halloween kid's crafts ideas, our Halloween site had a few very exiting Halloween crafts, Click Here and visit it.

On our site Fun Kids Crafts you will also find really fun and easy Halloween kids crafts ideas. Click Here and go there now.

Kid's Crafts Ideas: Movie Crafts for Kids

Why are movie kid's crafts ideas a good idea? Well, we all know how kids are, when they find a movie that they love, they like to watch it over and over again. Sometimes tearing them away from the TV screen seems like a lost cause, even though they have already watched the same thing dozens of times. Is there any hope?

You've heard the expression "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." That doesn't mean you have to subject yourself to the dreaded movie yet again, though. If you can find a way to incorporate their beloved film masterpiece into a craft, it won't be so hard to get them to stop watching it and do something constructive.

Here are some kid's crafts ideas that you can do together:

1. Make clay figurines of your child's favorite characters from the movie:

Simply get some clay, model them, let them dry, and paint with acrylic paints. If you don't have any clay handy, use Play-Doh. It works nicely as well, and your child won't have to paint it.

2. Create scrapbook pages based on the movie:

Have your child cut pictures of characters and scenes out of magazines, coloring books, and anywhere else she can find them. Arrange them on card stock, add stickers and other embellishments, and have your child do some journaling about her favorite things about the movie to add to the page. When it's done, add it to a scrapbook or frame it and place it on your child's bedroom wall.

3. If your child has dolls or action figures of the movie's characters, maybe she would enjoy making a backdrop of a favorite scene for them:

A large boot box works well for this project. She can either draw directly in the bottom of it, or cut card stock to size and glue it in there. You may have to glue two pieces together to get it to fit just right. She can use crayons or markers to draw the scene, and add stickers or gems. She might even want to make trees and other props out of clay or Play-Doh. When she's not playing with it, the boot box can double as storage for her dolls.

4. Make clothing that features favorite characters:

Your child can use fabric paint to do freehand artwork pertaining to the movie, or you can find iron-on patterns that he can use paint to color in. You might also be able to find buttons and other embellishments that you can add to the piece. Older kids might enjoy learning how to sew using fabric that features the movie logo or characters.

Kids can really get wrapped up in their favorite movies. But when they get the opportunity to create something related to their well loved movies, they often enjoy doing these crafts. These movie kid's crafts ideas can help you get your child off the couch and get creative. My little granddaughter simply love doing any kid's crafts ideas from her well love "Barbie" movies, I'm convinced your kids will love them as well.

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Fun Kids Crafts: Litle Hands Crqafts

Kids Crafts Ideas

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book: Creative Fun for 2-To 6-Year-Olds

If you are looking for a kids crafts book that has over 75 simple arts and crafts activities for children ages two to six years of age, The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book is the one you should have in your home library.

Priced at $10.36, you can purchase this book from

With 144 pages, the reading level is ages 4-8. More importantly, however, is the fact that the activities are related to holidays, school, occupations, travel, nature, home, and friendship.

Consumers give this book a very high rating and their reviews are no exception. For those children new to crafts, this book offers an exciting adventure into craft-making. All of the kid's crafts are easy, straightforward and fun. The illustrations can assist any kid in understanding what they have and offers them the opportunity to figure things out for themselves.

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book has been very helpful in providing fast easy crafts ideas for children. The pictures help the children a great deal and the notes that often accompany each project give a little more insight into each project. This book is especially wonderful for the holidays when you are constantly looking for kid's crafts.

One ten-year-old who bought this book raved about it. She enjoyed cutting and pasting and found she could learn how to make Christmas stuff, iron-on tote bags, necklaces, and other really fun stuff.

Another consumer used the ideas from The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book and with her son they created many colorful artworks, together, including an aquarium, mail pouch, masks, flags, and scrapbooks. Her son especially loved the cutting, pasting, and coloring part of the process and had a great time.

Whether you have a son, a daughter, or both; the Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book will provide hours of enjoyment for you and your kids. Kid's crafts are one of the best ways to keep the little ones busy during the summer

If you are looking for more kids crafts you can visit our site Fun Kids Crafts and you can also have a look at the E-Book Fun Kids Crafts