Friday, August 15, 2008

Kids Crafts Ideas: Shoe Crafts

Here is one of our really fun kids' crafts ideas, decorating your shoes! Kids love this kind of crafts because they can actually use it afterwards.

No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes. You must not think it is more so for adults than kids. Kids' idea of the right shoes may differ from that of adults though. On thing I know is kids love shoes. My little granddaughter is only 4 but she has a serious love affair with shoes. I have never seen any kid with more shoes than she has and still it is a major fight not to buy more.

Funky, embellished shoes are quite popular among the younger set, especially the younger kids. This provides a great opportunity to bring out kids' creativity! Here are some shoe crafts that your kids will love (and that you can enjoy with them as well).

Here are a few tips on how you can implement this kids crafts ideas:

1. You Can Spruce Up Your Shoelaces

Colorful shoelaces can add pizzazz to any pair of sneakers. You can easily tie-dye shoelaces by mixing two or more colors of fabric paint with an equal amount of warm water. Tie knots in the laces about an inch apart, and then dip each individual section into the dye, alternating colors. This can get messy, so be sure to cover the work area and protect the kids' clothing!

There is an even simpler way to decorate your shoelaces, use fine-tipped markers. Sharpies are the best, because they are permanent. And they now come in lots of different colors, so you can use them to make your laces extra colorful.

2. Have Fun Making Your Own Charms

We all know shoelace charms look great on sneakers. There are kits available that have everything you need to make your own shoelace charms. You can also buy individual supplies at your local craft store or online.

If you love your Crocks, making your own snap-in charms can really be a lot of fun. Using Fimo clay, you can make any kind of charm you can imagine. You can paint it with acrylic paint once it's dry. There are also rubber plugs that you can buy online or in craft stores to glue to the back of any kind of charm. Using these, you can make charms out of virtually any type of material, including plastic, metal, and rubber.

3. For Lots Of Fun, Paint Your Shoes

Especially for the little ones, one of the simplest ways to make shoes unique is to paint them. This works well for many types of flip flops, as well as cloth sneakers. All you need is some fabric paint and a pencil to get started. Just draw your design on with a pencil, and when it's just right, fill it in with paint.

You can add flair to your painted shoes by adding some studs or colorful rhinestones. These provide nice, sparkly accents. The stick-on kind may work, but they tend to come off easily, especially when you put them on something you're going to wear. A Bedazzler will attach them much more securely.

Decorating your shoes is a fun way for kids to express their individuality. It's also a great kid's crafts project to do with the family or friends. With just a few simple craft supplies, they can have hours of fun making their shoes unique.

With this kid's crafts ideas I'm sure I'm going to buy less shoes for Anabel and get her decorating the old ones instead to make them new again. Enjoy this fun kid's craft.

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