Monday, December 28, 2009

Hip Craft Projects for Your Teenage Daughter

Teenage girls love to express themselves through the clothing and accessories they wear. And many of them also enjoy decorating their rooms. So if you want to get your teenage daughter interested in crafting, all it usually takes is a project that fits in with those activities.

Creating hip clothing, accessories and room décor is a hobby for many teenagers. And it's one that they can participate in no matter what their skill level. Here are some projects your teenage daughter will find irresistible.

* Friendship bracelets – These tokens of friendship were originally made by Native Americans. Today, they're a favorite project of teens and preteens. They can be made out of yarn or embroidery floss, and patterns range from extremely simple to highly detailed. And since they are small, they make great projects to work on in the car or on the bus.

* Embellishing clothing – If your teenager has clothes that still fit but just don't fit with her style any more, she might enjoy changing them up a bit. She could remove the pockets of jeans and sew on new ones in a different fabric, add new sleeves to an old shirt, or add jewels to spruce up any article of clothing. Such projects do not require a great deal of sewing skill, so they're ideal for beginners.

* Knitting – Knit accessories, from scarves to purses, are all the rage these days. And you don't have to know everything there is to know about knitting to create them. You can make a nice scarf with just one or two simple stitches, and envelope purses are nearly as simple.

* Dream catchers – Here's another Native American craft that teens love. Dream catchers add a beautiful decorative touch to any room. You can find kits that include the instructions and everything needed to make them in craft shops. Or you can find free instructions online and buy the materials yourself. Either way, this is a great project for you and your teen to work on together.

* Lip balm – If there's one thing that almost every teenage girl enjoys, it's make-up. And making your own lip balm is very easy and inexpensive. All you need is a small empty tub, some petroleum jelly and some Kool Aid or other flavoring.

* CD crafts – Most teens have some old CDs lying around that they've either scratched or gotten tired of listening to. These can be used to make some great crafts such as clocks, lamps and coasters.

* Your teenage daughter may also enjoy making pretty things with silk painting for her room or for her to wear. Have a look at: Silk Painting Is Fun for some ideas.

These crafts are great for any teenage girl to create for herself or to give as gifts. They also present an opportunity for you and your daughter to do something together. If you can pique her interest, you might help her discover a hobby that she will enjoy for years to come.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Squiggles: A Really Giant Drawing and Painting Book

The Squiggles: A Really Giant Drawing and Painting Book was written by Taro Gomi, who is also the author of over 350 children’s books, including the very popular Scribbles and Doodles. Squiggles: A Really Giant Drawing and Painting Book is a coloring book with a difference. It invites kids of all ages to draw, paint and use their imagination.

It comes with fun instructions that inspire kids to keep painting and drawing. The kids essentially create the pages with their own artistic expressions and imagination. The coloring book is organized under different themes, including Time to Eat, Ocean Voyage and Adventures and others. Every page has a basic outline with drawing prompts at the top of each page. Whether finishing incomplete pictures, adding details to scenes or drawing and painting on blank pages, there is something fun for everybody. 

This is a fun filled Squiggles: A Really Giant Drawing and Painting Book designed for all ages. It will bring endless enjoyment and artistic freedom. A fantastic gift for any child and even an adult.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Leapfrog Tag Reader - Hours Of Fun

With a Leapfrog Tag Reader your kid will have hours of fun learning to read. The Leapfrog Tag Reader is easy to use and your kid will get the hang of it very soon and he or she will not be able to wait before they go off on their own to read.

By using an amazing touch technology the leapfrog tag reader makes learning to read an exciting experience as words talk, pictures sing and stories live out loud. There are more than 20 books and games available for the Leapfrog Tag Reader, so you will be able to keep your kid happily reading for a long time!

With the Leapfrog Tag Reader kids will not even know they are learning! Whilst having a lot of fun, your kid's vocabulary and phonics skills increase in a playful manner. Your kid's comprehension of what he or she is reading also increases in an easy way with the Leapfrog Tag Reader.

The Leapfrog Tag Reader is designed for kids four to eight years of age. The "pen" fits into little hands perfectly and you cannot believe that there is actually a little camera in it!

Even though it appears small, the Leapfrog Tag Reader holds enough memory for up to five books at a time. Imagine a long drive with the kids happily occupied! Well, that need not be a dream with the Leapfrog Tag Reader.

This is also the ideal toy to get your kid if you do homeschooling. Imagine how much time you can save by letting your kid get on with it on his or her own!

So, Go and have a look at the Leapfrog Tag Reader now!