Monday, December 14, 2009

Leapfrog Tag Reader - Hours Of Fun

With a Leapfrog Tag Reader your kid will have hours of fun learning to read. The Leapfrog Tag Reader is easy to use and your kid will get the hang of it very soon and he or she will not be able to wait before they go off on their own to read.

By using an amazing touch technology the leapfrog tag reader makes learning to read an exciting experience as words talk, pictures sing and stories live out loud. There are more than 20 books and games available for the Leapfrog Tag Reader, so you will be able to keep your kid happily reading for a long time!

With the Leapfrog Tag Reader kids will not even know they are learning! Whilst having a lot of fun, your kid's vocabulary and phonics skills increase in a playful manner. Your kid's comprehension of what he or she is reading also increases in an easy way with the Leapfrog Tag Reader.

The Leapfrog Tag Reader is designed for kids four to eight years of age. The "pen" fits into little hands perfectly and you cannot believe that there is actually a little camera in it!

Even though it appears small, the Leapfrog Tag Reader holds enough memory for up to five books at a time. Imagine a long drive with the kids happily occupied! Well, that need not be a dream with the Leapfrog Tag Reader.

This is also the ideal toy to get your kid if you do homeschooling. Imagine how much time you can save by letting your kid get on with it on his or her own!

So, Go and have a look at the Leapfrog Tag Reader now!

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