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Fun Kids Crafts: Litle Hands Crqafts

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The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book: Creative Fun for 2-To 6-Year-Olds

If you are looking for a kids crafts book that has over 75 simple arts and crafts activities for children ages two to six years of age, The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book is the one you should have in your home library.

Priced at $10.36, you can purchase this book from

With 144 pages, the reading level is ages 4-8. More importantly, however, is the fact that the activities are related to holidays, school, occupations, travel, nature, home, and friendship.

Consumers give this book a very high rating and their reviews are no exception. For those children new to crafts, this book offers an exciting adventure into craft-making. All of the kid's crafts are easy, straightforward and fun. The illustrations can assist any kid in understanding what they have and offers them the opportunity to figure things out for themselves.

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book has been very helpful in providing fast easy crafts ideas for children. The pictures help the children a great deal and the notes that often accompany each project give a little more insight into each project. This book is especially wonderful for the holidays when you are constantly looking for kid's crafts.

One ten-year-old who bought this book raved about it. She enjoyed cutting and pasting and found she could learn how to make Christmas stuff, iron-on tote bags, necklaces, and other really fun stuff.

Another consumer used the ideas from The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book and with her son they created many colorful artworks, together, including an aquarium, mail pouch, masks, flags, and scrapbooks. Her son especially loved the cutting, pasting, and coloring part of the process and had a great time.

Whether you have a son, a daughter, or both; the Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book will provide hours of enjoyment for you and your kids. Kid's crafts are one of the best ways to keep the little ones busy during the summer

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