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Unique Content Article: All About Electrical Fuse

All About Electrical Fuse

by Scott Rodgers

Whenever an excessive current is drawn by any circuit, the function of fuse comes in it. It is a preventive arrangement in a circuit which protects the circuit or the equipment as a hole, whenever the circuit draws more current than the rated current. It is the weakest part and blows immediately thereby opening the path of current flow. And thus, saves the expensive gadgets from any damage.

Being the first line of defense in an electrical circuit, the fuse safely disconnects an overloaded system, protecting both appliances and buildings. Even if the complete system is not protected from the damage, these reduce the extent of damage.

During normal flow of electricity, the fuse permits the power to pass unobstructed. But, during an unsafe overload the small piece of metal melts, stop the flow of electricity. When a fuse is tripped, it should be thrown away and replaced with a new fuse.

Replacing a fuse is basically a do- it- yourself project and for this to accomplish you don't have to seek the electricians. On the contrary, electricity is not the right place to experiment, so be careful while replacing it. To do so, first of all unplug all the devices that are connected to the power supply prior to fuse replacement. In addition to this, use a correct rating fuse every time you replace it.

Also, it is always advisable to follow some of the safety tips before getting into the project. For instance, don't go for replacing the fuse with wet hands. Secondly, replace the blown off fuse with a good one without touching the metal terminals or use proper tools like pliers and screwdriver etc.

The situation may arise when you find the fuse blowing off again and again. Unfortunately, the problem is clearly with the home wiring. You may need to refer the electrician for this.

Large power overloads are dangerous, potentially destroying electrical equipment or causing a fire. Both fuses and circuit breakers will automatically block against an incoming surge of electrical power past a certain safety limit.

Nowadays, fuses are non detachable part of electrical systems in automobiles, boats, motor cycles and other vehicles. Additionally, these are now employed in integrated circuits to provide redundancy and programming capabilities.

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