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Unique Content Article: Cabinet Hardware Designs For Very Furniture

Cabinet Hardware Designs For Very Furniture

by Benedict Perez

Cabinets and drawers is the most important thing that is required in a house. But without a cabinet hardware there is no use. Cabinet hardware solves the purpose of using a cabinet or drawer and also serves as a decoration purpose. There are different designs in cabinet hardware which match different type of cabinets.

Different styles are available in cabinets. The range varies from simple big-box manufactured face frame cabinets with slab panel doors to intricately crafted custom cabinets hewn from the hands of generations of craftsmen. People use cabinet hardware for two different purposes that are decorative and functional.

Decorative cabinet hardware solves the purpose of both decoration and opening and closing of drawers and cabinets. This cabinet hardware is mounted on the front of drawers and cabinets. It gives a beautiful finish to the cabinets and drawers. Your room will look more beautiful and attractive. You will find different types of decorative cabinet hardware like handle pulls, cup pulls, knobs, back plates, ring, bail and pendant pulls.

Handle and cup pulls are large full handles. It has two joints to fit it in which screws are attached. These handles are most solid and durable and last for centuries. Bail pulls are fitted with mounting screws and are solid and swinging type bails. Only one mounting screw is required for knobs as it is small. Some require two mounting screws but are very rare.

If you are planning on installing a cup pull type handle then centre-to-centre measurement should be considered. It is basically used in replacing an existing handle. To fit a hardware using this type of measurement, distance between the centers of one mounting hole to the other is measured. That is way it is called centre-to-centre measurement. So if you are replacing and old cabinet hardware it is important that you buy a new hardware of the same size as of the old once.

There are many different abbreviations used for centre to centre measurement but the most common are C-C, C/C and CTC. The most common measurements are 3", 3-1/2", 96mm and 4". There are many other but are not common. You will find cabinet hardware in many different shapes, size and colors like Oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware, satin nickel cabinet hardware, matte black cabinet hardware, black antique cabinet hardware, weathered nickel cabinet hardware, Swedish iron cabinet hardware, antique copper cabinet hardware, antique brass cabinet hardware and different other finishes.

Functional cabinet hardware is basically used for function of cabinets and drawers like opening and closing, sliding, etc. It is totally related to function and not at all fir decoration. Some of this cabinet hardware is hidden. Functional hardware comes in two different types that are door hinges and drawer hinges.

You will find numerous designs in cabinet hardware. These are made of different material and in different color, style and size. The best place to purchase cabinet hardware is from internet as you will get it on your door steps with discount! But opt for one that is durable and long lasting.

There is a way to enhance the appearance of your cabinets and you can do that with wonderful designs of ( Cabinet Hardware These designs are lovely and it is durable as well. You certainly find elegance and style in these items. Or you may want to try ( cabinet knobs.
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Title: Cabinet Hardware Designs For Very Furniture
Author: Benedict Perez
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