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Unique Content Article: DIY Greenhouse, A Gardener's Dream

DIY Greenhouse, A Gardener's Dream

by Eddie John

Every gardener wishes they had a greenhouse no matter how big or small it might be. You can watch the snow pile up and still be able to start seed in preparation for spring and planting of the flower or vegetable garden. Those plants you loose every winter can be safe and sound inside a greenhouse and be ready to come out once the temperatures get more moderate. DIY Greenhouse building is not a hard undertaking. There are many different styles of greenhouse you can purchase and construct that will take you just a few hours to a few days of some work.

There are a multitude of decisions that have to be made before you try to build a greenhouse. Pay attention to the weather in your area so that you know what type of greenhouse you are going to need. Those people living in warm areas have to take a good look at how to vent the greenhouse more than how they have to heat it. They need to figure out how to make a shade screen during the time when the sun is hottest. Insulation is the key word for those living in cold climates and the next key word is how to heat the greenhouse.

When you decide where you are going to build your greenhouse, be sure it is an area where there is a great deal of sunlight most of the day. Direct sun in an east westerly direction will be the best choice. If your yard is relatively shady you want to find that one level place that the sun hits most of the day.

Materials for making a greenhouse are many. You can use glass like the old fashion greenhouses were made but you can also pick fiberglass. You can also get polycarbonate panels that are specially made for greenhouses but they are very expensive. Another option is using plastic sheeting on a skeletal frame of pipe. You can also make the greenhouse out of recycled items. There is a plan online to make a greenhouse totally out of a wooden frame filled with plastic beverage bottles. You can also find how to make a green house out of discarded aluminum and glass doors.

What should the floor be made of? Many greenhouses do not even have a floor. Instead the dirt on the ground is the floor and more dirt is added so that you can plant seeds in it. Some people prefer some sort of flooring in their greenhouses. You can use gravel or pour concrete for a very sturdy and durable floor. You can even build a floor out of wood. A nice floor can be made from setting bricks and pavers into sand on the ground. When building a greenhouse right on the ground make sure it can never flood or you will have one big mess on your hands.

Many gardeners love to build benches that run all around the edges of the greenhouse. They put plants on the benches so they do not have to bend down all the time. An important decision is how you are going to be heating the greenhouse, with gas or electric and if you need to have electrical outlets available. You must also decide where you are going to put a spigot in order to get water into the greenhouse. Some people opt to have it outside and some inside.

Kits on the market today include the cheap plastic sheet and PVC pipe greenhouse. The PVC is hammered into the ground then brought up like a big horseshoe with plastic sheeting put over top of it. Some parts of this type of greenhouse are wooden as well. It is said that PVC can cause cancer and it is not the most entirely environmentally proper substance to use in a garden but it is cheap and easy to install. You can also make a wooden frame for the greenhouse and install fiberglass or glass. The most expensive undertaking is using the polycarbonate panels but it is worth the money because they will not break even when junior puts a baseball through it. Make a decision based on the area you have to build a greenhouse and the amount of money you have to spend. If you have to you can always guild a greenhouse from a bunch of pop bottles or a collection of storm doors.

To (http://www.greenhouseblueprint.com/articles/greenhouse-ideas/diy-greenhouse) build a DIY greenhouse is not all that difficult. (http://www.greenhouseblueprint.com/articles/greenhouse-ideas/diy-greenhouse) Diy greenhouse kits on the market today make it so unbelievably easy that every home owner can build their very own greenhouse.
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Title: DIY Greenhouse, A Gardener's Dream
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