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Unique Content Article: Various Types Of Drills

Various Types Of Drills

by Scott Rodgers

Right kinds of tools are very essential to complete a task perfectly. If a particular tool is not appropriate for a job then it will consume more time and you will not be able to complete that task efficiently. Screwdrivers, hammers and spanners are the common tools of a plumber but the use of drills makes their life more convenient. Let us discuss about drills in little detail.

Drills enable you to create a hole in metal, wood and concrete. Few drills need to be operated using hands only and they are very difficult to manage. However, power drills are very famous and easy to use.

In power drills you will find corded power drills and cordless power drills. Corded power drills need to have a cord that is used to provide electricity to the drill whereas cordless power drills don't need any cord but they operate through batteries and charges.

Cordless power drills are preferred over corded power drills as they are easier to handle. Cordless power drills are lighter in weight as compared to corded ones. Cordless power drills are very handy as they can be used even in places where there is no electrical socket. In cordless power drills, no cord gets in the way of a busy workman.

Corded power drills are also very useful and for few tasks, they are preferred over cordless power drills. This includes the tasks that need high power. The basic reason behind this is that in a heavy task, high power and torque is required which could be provided by only corded power drills. The biggest drawback of corded drills is that they could not work without a socket.

Users find that holes of a large diameter are better drilled with corded power drills instead of cordless power drills. If a cordless drill is used for a task of this kind, it would stress the battery of the drill too much and lead to a breakdown.

You need to follow some precautions when you use a power drill. Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. The cloths on your body should be according to your body size and should not be loose as loose cloths are considered to be very risky while using an electric appliance. The person using the drill should not wear gold and silver as they are good conductor of electricity and are risky to wear.

For safety purpose, the cord of corded drill requires periodical checks against any wear and tear. You also need to firmly handle the drill while using it.

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