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Unique Content Article: What Is Movement Training For Actors?

What Is Movement Training For Actors?

by Jack Hanley

If you intend on making a career for yourself on the stage or on film, you need to know what is good ( movement training for actors. The nuances in movement are just as--if not more--useful than how you look and how you deliver lines. It is one of the hardest things for people to master. Sure, you can mimic how a person from a certain background might talk. But can you move as they would move? This is the difference between decent actors and great actors.

Dances classes are the best place to build up a good foundation. Ballet in particular is vastly important in learning how your body moves and how you are able to manipulate it. Good dancers can know just by feel exactly how their body looks to an outside observer. Dancers are able to tell just from muscle memory what angle their arm is at or how hunched their backs are.

Any type of dance is wonderful, too. Not only will it increase how well you know yourself in movement, but it will increase your athleticism and how well you are ABLE to move. You can then control your body to do things for a character that you would have thought awkward or impossible before. Also, as an actor, there is never a bit of learning that goes to waste. If you know how to do certain dances, there is one more thing you can add to your resume. Characters can be very specific and have certain talents they will need to perform, so learn as much as you can.

Stage combat is another fantastic movement course because it helps teach safety and realism. One very difficult thing to do is to mime something while giving an emotional response as though it were really happening. For this reason, many actors who are not well-versed in stage combat prefer to be actually shoved or actually slapped on stage in order to make it look and sound real. This can be extremely dangerous.

These are important trade secrets to learn. It will also give you an opportunity to think of your own stage combat moves that could be very complicated and exciting for an audience. The facial training you will gain from this is invaluable. By teaching yourself to look pained or upset--and by teaching yourself to hide actors' tricks from the audience--is what separates mediocre actors from good ones.

The Alexander Technique is a movement class often required to get a degree in theater. The technique itself is a study of movement that is about a century old and is more specific to actors than to anyone else. Not only does it teach safety in order to give your career the best longevity, but it teaches you to learn about your body and manipulate your movements.

The basic principals involve you thinking about your body as a bunch of blocks stacked on top of each other. By skewing how they are stacked, you can emote different things to an audience. It has really helped in many people being able to portray certain emotions or characteristics. It helps by also teaching you about your rib cage and diaphragm, which will ensure that you are louder on stage.

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