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Unique Content Article: How To Install A Fan Or Bathroom Heater ?

How To Install A Fan Or Bathroom Heater ?

by Scott Rodgers

Do you feel annoying and frustrating when step out on a colder floor? Well, it is! However, this can be avoided by installing a good quality bathroom heater. The under- floor heating system allows the floor itself to become the heat emitter. This makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

Therefore, if you are planning to replace your old exhaust fan, just replace it with the bathroom heater fan. Bathroom heater fans provide all the functionality of a standard bathroom exhaust fans as well as providing heat to your bathroom.

Changing the bathroom heater is simple. Below are some steps that can help an individual to safely carry out the project. Identify which branch circuit over current and short circuit breaker controls your existing bathroom exhaust fan. Turn the circuit breaker off and on to identify all the electrical lighting and appliance loads connected to the exhaust fan circuit. Take out all the light fixtures and wirings.

Disconnect any electrical wires that are present and then remove any screws that were used to secure the unit to the ceiling joist. Go into the attic or crawl space to where the exhaust fan is located. Remove the electrical cable and clamp from the old exhaust fan.

Journey through the attic to the bathroom fan and remove the electrical cable and clamp from the old exhaust fan. Next, remove the four inch flexible air duct, and then take off any fasteners securing the old fan to a ceiling joist. Leave the electrical cable for use on the new heater. Completely remove the old exhaust fan.

Install the new bathroom heater fan according to the manufacturer's instructions. Reshape the sheet rock hole as needed. Re- join the flexible air duct as well. Avail the electricity to the heater.

Insert the light bulbs in the sockets on the heater fan. Turn on the circuit breaker from the breaker box and then test the heater fan and lights to make sure the unit is working properly.

Sometimes, the situation is faced when you are unable to fit the heater in place of the exhaust fan. Well, this is due to difference in their sizes. When purchasing for the heater, try to buy it of the same size as of the exhaust fan.

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