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Unique Content Article: Common Bulb Types

Common Bulb Types

by Scott Rodgers

Different types of light bulbs are available in market such as Incandescent bulbs, Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, Fluorescent bulbs and Halogen bulbs. Let us have a brief idea of their features and working.

Incandescent bulbs are regular or standard bulbs that are being used from long ago. You can get these bulbs in various colors, shapes and sizes. You can also easily fix these bulbs in different fixtures. These bulbs are cheap but their energy consumption is very high. A filament is present inside these bulbs and when this filament is heated, it produces light. For heating this filament, a lot of energy is wasted resulting in high consumption of energy.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are becoming more and more famous day by day due to its energy saving capacity and long lasting nature. These bulbs come in different varieties of shapes, colors and patterns. You can choose any of them, according to your choice and need. These bulbs don't require any special kind of socket for its functioning.

Now we will discuss that how a compact fluorescent bulb works. Inside these bulbs, a mercury gas filled tube or ballast is present. With the flow of little current from ballast to this gas, UV light is generated and when this light hits the white coating of the bulb the bulb glows to provide you light. In this process, very little heat or say electricity is required, which makes them energy efficient.

Standard fluorescent bulbs are very similar to compact fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs also help in saving electricity and are very durable but these bulbs can not be fixed in standard sockets. One more disadvantage of using fluorescent bulbs is that you can not get many choices in it. These bulbs are available in linear, circular and U-shape.

The method through which light is produced by a fluorescent bulb is similar to the method used by compact fluorescent bulbs. One point where they differ is that in fluorescent bulbs you require separate ballast.

Halogen bulbs could be found in market in different shapes and sizes such as A-line and reflector style. The light generated by them is also clear and bright. These lights have high initial cost but are long lasting.

Halogen bulbs provide light using the same technique as incandescent bulbs. However, in a halogen bulb, the halogen gas inside the bulb deposits the tungsten back onto the filament as it evaporates, allowing the bulb to last longer.

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Neltje Maynez said...
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Rachel said...

Scott--these are some very creative ideas! I have never thought of doing a craft project with my child that involved light bulbs! I am in the hvac business, and I think that my kids would love to do a craft project with bulbs. Thanks for posting this idea!

Jayden Eden said...

I have seen some cool things you can do because my friend is an electrican. He gets creative with the things he uses at work.