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Unique Content Article: The Benefits Of Silk Plants And Flowers

The Benefits Of Silk Plants And Flowers

by Michael T Pettigrew

Plants can transform the look and feel of any environment. They look good, and can help increase feelings of tranquillity and relaxation.

Scientific studies have shown that introducing plants into the workplace can help lower sick leave and increase productivity. These are facts that are scientifically proven, and are a major reason for the increase in the popularity of office plants worldwide. So much so, that it's rare to find an office that is not fitted out with plants.

Amazingly, many of these beneficial effects are not exclusive to living plants. It has been found that high quality artificial foliage can also create similar effects. Green plants whether living or real, are both capable of creating beneficial psychological affects.

Gone are the days when silk plants and flowers were clearly artificial. Modern design and printing techniques enables the manufacture of realistic artificial silk plants and flowers that are difficult to distinguish from the originals. Most silk trees nowadays even include real wood stems, with aerial roots.

The realm of artificial plants and flowers has now moved into the arena of high-tech design. Markings and imperfections found the in the original living specimens can now be faithfully reproduced to create masterpieces of modern fabric design.

As a result of these dramatic improvements, more and more artificial plants are finding their way into homes, offices and public places. This is purely as a result of these improved manufacturing techniques.

There are many other benefits to be gained from the use of artificial silk flowers and plants. Artificial foliage needs almost no maintenance. All that's needed is a quick cleaning every few months. The result is that they look great all the time and never die!

There are also many environments where it's not practical to use real plants. These can range from low lit areas, to hot or cold surroundings where real plants would struggle to survive.

Also, of concern when using living plants is their proximity to food. Many restaurants have no option but to use artificial plants, to ensure that food is not contaminated.

Another great advantage in using silk plants and flowers is that they require so little. This means that they will look great for years to come. There won't be any problems with leaves dropping in the fall, and pests and diseases will be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, these are disadvantages that live plants always introduce, and which are eliminated by using artificial varieties.

Since artificial foliage needs so little maintenance they can be far more economical in the long term. Due to the current economic climate, many offices around the world have already changed from live plants to their artificial equivalents.

Plants are an established and important part of architecture. That's why it is interesting to discover that many architects & designers around the world now recognise the distinct advantages offered by silk plants, and are even using them in high-profile settings.

Artificial plants are now better than ever before, and are now well worth considering for every office and home. They are incredibly easy to care for, and easy to maintain, and can last for many years. Live plants are still a great choice when conditions are favourable. However, when they are not, artificial silk plants are an ideal choice.

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Title: The Benefits Of Silk Plants And Flowers
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