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Unique Content Article: Tips On Replacing An Electrical Wall Switch

Tips On Replacing An Electrical Wall Switch

by Scott Rodgers

Most electrical jobs require a right set of tools complemented by a logical frame of mind. Active and wise homeowners could offer considerable benefit to themselves by saving on the costs of an electrical repair work. The replacement of an electrical wall switch is one such task that calls for minimum expertise and knowledge.

Start off by visiting a local home improvement store or electrical store. Beforehand, it is very important to determine the type and design of the electrical wall switch you want. Misapprehension on that front could prove costly for the structural integrity of the electrical setup. Generally, you can make a selection between the traditional flip switches or the cheaper fancy switches. Whatever be the choice, it should complement the efficiency of your electrical setup.

Arrange the electrical tools that are not available in your tool box. Make sure that all the required tools are sound and working.

Most experts advise the beginners to cut off the electricity supply when handling an electrical project. The possibility of electric hazards or accidents drops down dramatically owing to such preventive measures. In order to shut down the power supply of the home, locate the breaker box or the electric fuse. Turn off all the breaker switches one by one.

Now, locate the face plate of the switch and unscrew it with the help of an appropriate-sized screwdriver. Normally, either a flat tip screw or a Philips head screw needs to be removed depending on the type of the outlet or switch.

Often, the homeowners dissociate the electrical wires without understanding the wiring configuration. As a result, they fail to connect the wires properly later. Hence, it is very important to note down the default wiring connections on either the switch board or a piece of paper.

Observe the way by which the wires are connected to the terminals of the switch. Generally, the lugs hold the wires in place and the screws bind the setting together. Unscrew the lugs of the switch and take out the connecting wires carefully. Pull out the old switch and replace it with the newly purchased one. Connect the wires as per the specifications and finish off the task.

Install the face plate back on the wall and check the normality of the newly installed electrical wall switch.

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