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Unique Content Article: Ensure Swimming Pool Health and Safety With Heating Systems And Shades

Ensure Swimming Pool Health and Safety With Heating Systems And Shades

by Philip Kass

The connection between skin cancer and excessive exposure to sun is well established. The reduction of these risks during pool activities for these and other skin-related ailments is aided by proper preparation. Plan to install enough shading during the summertime to ensure that guests are shielded from strong solar UV rays. In this article we talk about three types of shades.

Likewise, exposure to cold can weaken one's immune system or worsen an existing infection. The corresponding way to reduce such risks connected to pool activities is to do winter preparation. During the winter, the pool should be heated artificially for it to be usable. Pool shades come in roughly two types, whereas pool heaters come in roughly three.

In the category of heaters, the most widely used type is gas-based heating. It's by far the most energy efficient, which should satisfy the green-conscious buyer. It's also fast acting so it only needs to be turned on when the pool is anticipated to be used. This makes for very low energy costs. The biggest drawback is that gas-based heaters are a bit expensive with only an expected lifespan of 5 years.

The next most popular kind of heater is the so-called heat pump or heat exchanger. Its operating mechanics can be described as a refrigerator running in reverse. A refrigerant gas is compressed in tubes that circulate the pool which causes it to heat up. The heat warms up the pool by conduction. The refrigerant is then pumped to distant tubes where it's allowed to expansion. The expansion causes the gas to cool down.

The third kind of pool heating relies on solar power. These are expensive due to the cost of solar cells that have yet to come down. The advantage of solar cells is that once they are installed, there are virtually no running costs or maintenance needed. Being solar-powered, the heating system doesn't rely on the utility company for continual operation.

The first kind of outdoor swimming pool shade is the humble umbrella. The construction is basic consisting of shade fabric held up by ribs which are in turn supported by a central pole. The shade need not be fixed, and indeed in side-post umbrellas they can be reoriented on the adjustable arm. Finally the umbrella base keeps it in place even when its windy.

The second kind of shade appropriate for pool use is the cabana. The cabana is similar to a tent or canopy, consisting of a frame over which shade is stretched. The frame is set up near a pool when its needed but should be stored away during times of disuse. A cabana shades not only the top but also to the sides, making it useful for maintaining privacy.

The addition of shades and heaters means that one's pool can be used in summer as well as winter. Shades have the additional benefit of protecting pool guests from skin-related health problems. Heaters make the pool usable in winter, but also more comfortable to use during the fall.

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Title: Ensure Swimming Pool Health and Safety With Heating Systems And Shades
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