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Unique Content Article: Bring Nature's Beauty to your Home Decor with Animal Print Rugs

Bring Nature's Beauty to your Home Decor with Animal Print Rugs

by Frank Conn

Area rugs create a warm and intimate look to your room; and can be quite economical in price. There are various kinds of rugs available in the market like Persian rugs that are an important part of the Iranian culture, beautifully designed, hand made rugs are well recognized for their artistic beauty all over the world. Oriental rugs that are very stylish and give a modern and elegant look to your room.

There are various different styles and designs available. They play a big role in decorating your house and giving it an attractive and interesting look. Braided rugs, outdoor rugs, cowhide rugs and animal print rugs are some other types of rugs. Wool area rugs have natural properties and are very durable, unique, and long lasting. Flokati rugs are very popular and luxurious. They are frequently used in contemporary home decor and caring for them is really quite simple.

Animal prints are one of the most popular styles of rugs preferred by those who value natures colors and patterns reflected in their home decor. An animal print rug reflects a deep human fascination with the nature and the wild. Animal print rugs are available in different colors, patterns and materials. You can choose the one that compliments your room decor. The most popular animal print rug designs can feature a zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffe, and bear, but they are available in natural patterns and colors of many species.

Since earliest times, humans have hunted animals both for self-defense and for food, clothing and shelter materials. These animals, while used for food, housing and clothing, were still revered and respected. Native Americans used the Buffalo not only for food, but used the skins for blankets, coats, and even tent materials. Mankind developed complex religious, cultural and mythological systems based on the natural qualities of animals in their natural environment.

Later, men started hunting for passion and hobby. It became a royal game for the royal people. The king and princes started hunting animals to display their bravery in society. It became a norm for them to hang the animal heads and hides in their palaces as a decorative item. However, even today animals are hunted around the world for food, and in many rural environments their fur is still used in utilitarian fashion.

Mankind has a long standing admiration and appreciation for natural animal fur, skins, patterns and colors. These natural prints and colors bring an exotic and exciting feeling to home decor. Aside from a continuing demand for natural animal hides and skins (some of which are controlled by governmental statutes, due to preservation issues), animal print rugs are now available in a large range of materials for every budget and taste. Very popular are polypropylene animal print area rugs, which bring the rich authentic style of exotic animal prints in a very affordable and easy care rug solution. These are stain resistant and washable.

The popularity of animal print rugs in home decor has never been greater and continues to be a mainstay in room and floor decorating. But animal print rugs can now also be found in very modern exciting styled wool rugs and wool area rugs, and even shag rugs. These bring a modern flair to the traditional animal print rug. Animal print rugs also can be acquired in sheepskin rugs, faux fur rugs, and even stenciled cowhides. One of the most popular varieties is the polypropylene machine woven area rug with very distinct multi-color patterns which make for spectacular animal prints and are easy care and very durable.

Choice of course depends on your total home decor needs, as an animal print rug can be a unique accent rug in your room decor, or it can be just one of an entirely animal print themed room or area. Animal print rugs are particularly popular in western, southwestern and cabin and cottage home dcor, as well as childrens rooms, play rooms, family rooms and traditional great rooms. Cleaning and care largely depend on the material of your animal print rug, and you should check with the manufacturer of your specific animal print rug to determine the best methods of care.

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Title: Bring Nature's Beauty to your Home Decor with Animal Print Rugs
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