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Unique Content Article: Lean To Greenhouse? How To Do It Cheaply

Lean To Greenhouse? How To Do It Cheaply

by Leon Vermaak

The skill, patience and endurance of people that build their own successful ecosystems has to be commended even if just for taking the initiative. Unfortunately no amount of initiative is going to remove the one difficulty which is cost.

No matter how inexperienced you are, if you are not able to build a lean to greenhouse (or lean to conservatory) cheaply it might be that you are trying to over complicate things. Lean Tos are not difficult to build, especially the free standing ones. You will however, need to get the right materials for the building and this might get a bit expensive if you are not careful.

A mini lean to conservatory or greenhouse is extremely cheap to erect. They are tiny units which can be used in places like flats where there is no, or limited room for a garden. If you feel that you can build a postbox or a dogs kennel then you would most probably be able to build a decent mini lean to.

Bear your surroundings in mind. If you live in a country with a lot of hard rain you should choose a sturdy wooden frame with a glass cover. Although glass isn't cheap, the correct size of fiberglass will save you a bit of cash as well. Wood, as versatile as it is, is not that expensive either and if you go to any lumber yard you will find the ideal wood to build your greenhouse.

On the topic of lumber, if you are doing the job yourself, a wooden greenhouse would probably be the most cost effective one to build. Whether the greenhouse is stand alone or attached your budget will be within reason by sticking to wood. A bag of nails, a hammer (which you probably already have) and some glass, fiberglass or polyethylene covering, is all that you should need.

Polyethylene is cheap and effective in areas with good weather. Wood, however, will need some kind of treatment if it needs to withstand excessive sun or a cold, rainy environment. A simple coat of varnish every now and then should suffice.

An aluminum greenhouse is the most expensive option to build. Even though it is a very common material it is still rather pricey. It is not as easy to work with and it is not as versatile as wood. Greenhouses made from aluminum are meant to be attached to a house or garage so trying to avoid costs this way is definitely not an option.

Although you might not get the same satisfaction as if you were building one yourself from raw materials, another option to consider is buying a prefabricated uPVC lean to conservatory installation kit. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions you will find that they are not difficult to build and they have many advantages. They are durable enough for any weather conditions, they need no maintenance, they are easy to clean and they are relatively cheap. A wooden one is admittedly cheaper but the fact that you won't have any long term maintenance costs definitely makes it a more efficient choice.

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