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Unique Content Article: Stepwise Procedure To Reinstate Tempering Valve For Electric Heater

Stepwise Procedure To Reinstate Tempering Valve For Electric Heater

by Scott Rodgers

On a sunny day, the water in your collectors can reach scalding temperatures. A tempering valve can save you from a 160F (70C) shower. The tempering valve goes at the very end of the chain, right after the backup water and before the faucet. If the water coming out of the backup heater is too hot, the tempering valve opens to mix cold water back in and prevent scalding. The temperature of the hot water can be set by the user on most valves.

Replacing them requires only a little previous plumbing knowledge. For the do-it-yourself homeowner, they can be easily installed or replaced with a little patience. Installation must be carried out in accordance with following instructions.

Before indulging into the installation process, make sure you are well apprehended with all the items needed for the installation. Like in this case, tempering valve, 2 pipe wrenches, pipe cutter (for new installation), Teflon tape, section of water pipe (for new installation) and 2 T's (for new installation) are needed.

First of all, locate the main water supply valve and turn it to the off position. Next, flush the water lines by opening both valves at the kitchen sink. Turn off the hot-water supply valve located near the water heater in the hot-water supply line.

Locate and remove the old valve with the pipe wrenches. If this is a new installation, you will have to cut out a short section on the cold water supply line as well as the hot water supply line. This is done to accommodate the T's.

In each of the two supply lines, the T's should be installed. Follow the manufacturer's instruction while installing the T's at both ends. Cut a section of pipe to the length needed to go between the two supply lines. Allow room for the tempering valve.

Affix the tempering valve to the section of pipe cut previously. Join this portion of pipe to both the cold and hot water supply lines. Use the same procedure to install the T's as you have installed the T's. Secure the pipe joints with Teflon tape. This will prevent the water leakage. Make use of the pipe wrench to tight the pipe joints. However, over tightening them, can damage the joints.

Be certain that the sink valves are closed, and turn the main supply line back on. Check for leaks. Set the temperature on the tempering valve by rotating the knob located on the valve.

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