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Unique Content Article: Rocks Used For Garden Gravel

Rocks Used For Garden Gravel

by Carl Robinson

You might be surprised at the selection of garden gravel you will have. If your home and garden center does not carry a large selection, you may need to go to a gravel pit or specialty outlet for more of a choice.

Because stones vary so much in color, you may search for the type of stone you wish to match the color you have in mind. For instance, there is brilliant white marble. And yes, you will find this as one of your choices for white gravel for your garden. There are pink granites, beige lime stone, and other gold and green colored stones. You may want to mix and max, or design a walkway using several colors.

Volcanic rock is also very popular, and it comes generally in red or black, and it might be shiny or maybe not. It is also relatively inexpensive. Prices will vary with all of these gravels, so do some shopping at various places.

There are pebbles, which are smoother, that can also be used decoratively as is gravel. And some are used to smother weeds under a cloth or plastic covering. If the pebbles or gravel is placed on top of the plastic or weed cloth, the weeds die underneath, and your gravel area will stay weed free.

For dry and desert landscape, gravel is used a lot in the western drier states, like Arizona and Nevada. When there is not much rain, and an irrigation system is needed, some prefer a rock garden to a lawn.

You can order a truckload of garden gravel from your local gravel pit or stone quarry, or just buy a few decorative bags. It will depend on the area you intend to cover. This area can be as huge as your entire front yard or splashes of color amongst the roses.

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