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Unique Content Article: How To Choose The Right Deer Repellent Plants

How To Choose The Right Deer Repellent Plants

by Kurt Dorey

There are many different varieties of deer repellent plants available to assist the homeowner in protecting his garden. These plants, for the most part, were not designed for this purpose but serve it well. Many of these plants not only accent an already meticulously crafted garden but will keep it very well protected.

Deer will target a vegetable garden as an easy source of food, particularly if there is no fencing around to keep them out. Many gardeners have taken to planting certain shrubs and bushes around the perimeter of their garden that deer either do not like or will not eat. This type of deterrent can help to keep the deer at bay, limiting their access to plants they may actually eat.

By selecting plants that contain thorns or prickly leaves, their natural deterrent qualities can shine through. Rosebushes or even holly will make a very effective natural fence around a garden.For those gardens in a slightly drier climate, yucca plants may be used for their pointed leaves.

One of the best and easiest selections when choosing deterrent plants is to find one that assaulta the deer's sense of smell. Many different herbs and vegetables accomplish this very effectively. Onions in particular, give off a noxious odor that caused deer to immediately go in the other direction.

There is a very large amount of choices available when it comes to finding deterrent plants of this type. One concern that will need to be met is that the plant chosen will in fact thrive in the area of the country that the home is in. Some online research will help to determine if the selection that you have made is right for your area.

Quite a few of the deer resistant plants available are of a flowering variety. This makes selecting one or more versions to add to an already existing garden quite a bit easier. The sunflower plant particularly makes a great deterrent against the deer and can be used on a perimeter in the same fashion as a fence would be.

No matter the type of garden that is being assaulted by deer, there will be some variety of herb, vegetable or flowering plant that can aid in protecting the others. A little background research can aid a gardener in protecting the plants that are already in place along with allowing them to add one or two new varieties they may not have thought of when first designing the garden. Just be sure when selecting them, that no matter how pretty they are, they will survive in your area.

The use of deer repellent plants, not only for protection but also added beauty, can help a gardener expand their horticultural horizons. Many will be found to that will make a great addition to any existing garden. The online research will only take a little while in order to narrow down the choice as to which of these plants will best suit your needs.

If you are searching for a list of all the ( deer resistant plants, please visit our site; there you will find information that will help you with the best choices of plants for your garden. The site also has home made recipes and many many other information to ( keep the deer away from your garden.
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Title: How To Choose The Right Deer Repellent Plants
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William H. said...

I use defence repellent spray against rabbits and deer and it works really well. I can plant whatever I want. More effective than animal resistant plants, which I never had much luck with.
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