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Unique Content Article: Choose CFL Bulbs For Your Home

Choose CFL Bulbs For Your Home

by Scott Rodgers

Various types of bulbs with different characteristics and features are available in market. You need to be choosy in selecting a perfect piece for your house that could save both energy and money for you. It is not the time of selecting a simple bulb (of 60 or 90 watts) because a lot of new and more efficient bulbs are being introduced in the market.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) have now become a common choice of general public due to its added advantages. The main advantage of using a CFL is the reduction in electricity consumption to a great extent. Due to this reason they have got an energy star rating. Besides this, CFLs are also efficient in lowering down the heat produced due to bulb which further results in cutting the electric units consumed by an air conditioner. CFL is 10 times more durable than normal bulbs.

Due to advancement in features of these bulbs, they can be used at any place where a normal bulb is used means you do not need any special kind of fixture for these bulbs. You can get these bulbs in various colors (warm and cool colors), sizes and patterns. You can install these bulbs inside the home as well as outside the home. These bulbs can easily operate with dimmer and tri-way switches.

In addition to compact fluorescent bulbs, there are still many choices available like incandescent (regular) bulbs, general fluorescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. Features to consider when choosing a light bulb include: quality, color of light, brightness, location, energy efficiency and suitability as per your lighting fixtures.

Safety should always be your biggest consideration while choosing the power of bulb. You should never exceed the recommended wattage for your light fixture. It is a good idea to save the bulb being replaced so that you can match its specifications including wattage, voltage and bulb base size.

When you change the old standard bulbs with CFL, don't forget to match the bulb's wattage. You can get the details from the product description of the CFL. However, the calculation is very simple, for a fixture where you are using a bulb of 60 watts you need to have a CFL having one forth watts that is 15 watts to generate the same light.

If you are replacing standard bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs, focus on the areas where lights are used the most, such as family rooms, living rooms and kitchen. This will make the most of energy savings.

You should prefer using the lowest watt bulbs that can satisfy your needs. Also buy a bulb that is durable to use especially for an area where you can not reach easily like track lighting mounted on a cathedral ceiling.

Scott Rodgers is a writer with ample experience in electricians work all over the country. His exemplary guidance has created business opportunities for a lot many Scituate Electricians (Need one?( click here!) and Saco Electricians (Need one?( click here!).
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