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Unique Content Article: The Outdoor Umbrella For Your Pool And Garden

The Outdoor Umbrella For Your Pool And Garden

by Harriet Menden

Activities that require spending time in the sun can lead to sunburn, premature skin aging, and more serious skin-related ailments down the line. Taking advantage of the home pool, working in the garden during the day or sitting on the patio are three examples of common activities that require spending appreciable time outside.

People can protect themselves against skin damage with the use of outdoor shades. One exceptionally low-cost and convenient option is the outdoor shade umbrella. With a width of about 8 to 10 feet, they are a common sight around pools and homes. But most people don't know that modern versions can have a lot of add-on options that increase utility and value.

When close to a swimming pool, the configuration of the umbrella is such that it sticks out from the center of a pool-side table. The drawback is that the pole blocks the line of sight of those who are resting around. To fix this, designers have created something known as a side-post umbrella. Instead of a single piece, the side-post consists of a pole but with an extension arm from the side that holds the shade. The result is a clear view for everyone.

The base of an outdoor shade umbrella needs to be heavy enough to withstand moderate to strong winds. It can also be made to match the outdoor decor of the surroundings. The traditional base is a plastic basin filled with something heavy like sand. A wrought iron base is a huge improvement in terms of accenting, as well as practical since it provides the necessary weight.

For those who think that umbrellas become extraneous at night, the introduction of umbrella lights should give them pause. These lights are installed into the ribs under the fabric. When turned on, they light up everything that was in the shaded area, thereby extending the utility of the space and the life of the party. Power comes from cord or battery.

Umbrellas should be retracted and placed into storage during off-seasons. The closed configuration can be shielded against further damage and dirt with a special cover. Covers are picked for both style and for their compatibility with existing decor.

Finally, one should consider installing a third-party motor device which can power the opening and retraction of umbrellas. A manual crank can do a good job but exposes the operator to some danger of jamming, as well as uses up a lot of time. Motorized umbrellas can be opened at a switch of the button.

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