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Children Craft Ideas - Crafting as a Family

Children Craft Ideas - Crafting as a Family

Looking for Children Craft Ideas? Why not crafting as a family? In these busy times, it can be difficult to get the whole family together to do anything. And when we do gather, all too often it's in front of the television, leaving little opportunity for bonding and enjoying one another's company. Getting creative together is a much more rewarding way to spend family time.

Crafting as a family may seem impossible, especially when you have children who were born several years apart. But there are many projects that, with a little help for the younger kids, are appropriate for all ages.

Here are some ideas of crafting as a family that can be used as Children Craft Ideas.

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1. Tie-dying and fabric painting

Making custom-made t-shirts is a great project for the whole family. Tie-dying is easy enough for small children to participate, yet older kids and teens love the look it creates. Fabric painting is also a great way to decorate clothing, and the paint comes in squeeze bottles and jars so your kids can use the method that suits them best.

2. Beaded jewelry

Stringing beads to make necklaces, bracelets, and anklets is one of the simplest crafts there is. While this is not a good project for toddlers because they could swallow the beads, children of preschool age and up can participate. Plastic needles can be used to make beading safer for little hands, and large beads will be easier for them to string. Older children may prefer to use smaller beads, so give them a few different sizes and styles to choose from.

3. Scrapbooking

Although younger children do not have the motor skills to create scrapbook pages on their own, they can certainly help. They can assist in choosing pictures and embellishments for each page, and they can glue on an occasional piece. Children who are just learning to write can do handwritten journaling that will bring back fond memories in a few years. And teens and preteens can create layouts and crop photos.

4. Clay crafts

Creating beads, figurines and other items out of clay is a great project for the family. Younger children can use Play Doh if it's easier or more familiar for them, as it will harden when dry. Clay is great for creating holiday decorations, gifts, and decorative containers.

5. Holiday decorations

Many families turn crafting into a Christmas tradition by having each member make an ornament for the tree each year. But you could also use other holidays for family crafting inspiration. Before Halloween, for example, you could carve or decorate miniature pumpkins together. Any holiday is a great excuse to get everyone together and get creative.

Simple crafts are great for getting the family to work together. These projects are easy enough for young children, but they provide the opportunity for older children and parents to put their creativity to work too. These family craft ideas are ideal to use as Children Craft Ideas. Working together as a family, ideal for homeschoolers!

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