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Crafting With Your Teen

Crafting With Your Teen

Most kids love to do craft. They are happy to make anything from paper plate animals to macaroni necklaces. But once they hit the teen years, many of them thin

k they're too old (or too cool) for crafting.

Crafting with your kids is a great way to bond with them, and this is especially important during the busy teen years. If you can find a craft that your teenager will find both enjoyable and worthwhile, you'll have a much better chance of talking him or her into giving it a try. And by the time it's completed, she'll probably be ready to create something else. Here are some craft ideas that your teen might like to try.

1. Jewelry

Teen girls and boys both like jewelry, and making it by hand can give them unique pieces that will be the envy of their friends. There are all sorts of ways to create jewelry, from simple beading to hemp macramé to wire jewelry making. There's sure to be a project out there that will fit your teen's style.

2. Tie-dying

Tie-dyed t-shirts are a perennial favorite of teenagers. They're very easy to make, requiring only fabric dye, some rubber bands, and a washing machine or l

arge tub. You can also tie-dye other items such as socks and scarves.

3. Decoupage

You can create all sorts of distinctive home décor items by decoupaging. Your teen might like to make decoupaged jewelry boxes, desk accessories, and furniture for their rooms. Such items also make wonderful gifts for him to give to friends and family.

4. Knitting

Once reserved for elderly ladies, knitting has become quite popular among the younger crowd. This is probably due in part to all of the trendy fashions that one can create by knitting. Yarn comes in a variety of colors and textures, and there are plenty of patterns available that appeal to teens.

5. Candles

It's very easy to create layered jar candles. You can melt down remnants of used candles and pour them into jars to create new ones. If your teen wants to create something a bit more complex, there are kits on the market that include everything they need to get started.

6. Clocks

If you have a clock movement, you can create a clock out of almost any hard material. Clay, wood and paper mache are some of the most popular things to make clocks out of. Your teen can even make a hip clock out of an old CD or record.

It's easy for us to think that our teens have out

grown crafting, but it's simply a matter of presenting them with the right thing. There are lots of crafts that you and your teen can participate in together, creating not only a tangible finished product, but also a wonderful memory for both of you.

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