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Bible School Crafts: An Invitation To A Wedding Bible School Craft

Bible School Crafts: An Invitation To A Wedding Bible School Craft

This is one of our bible school crafts that the kids love doing and it is great fun. The kids make a "Wedding Invitation" card with the invitation on the one side of the card and the Bible verse on the other side. Our "Invitation To A Wedding" craft is for the kids that are a little older and who knows what a wedding invitation looks like, and that are able to write the invitations as well as the bible verse at the back.

The Bible Verse: Joh. 2:11 This act in Cana of Galilee was the first sign Jesus gave, the first glimpse of his glory. And his disciples believed in him.

What you need for this bible school craft:
  • Good quality paper to cut the cards from

  • Thick glue

  • Paint brush to brush the glue on with

  • Different colors confetti

  • Black felt tipped pens

  • A ruler

  • A pencil

What you will need for variation one:
  • Small pictures of flowers

  • Small pictures of wedding bells

What you will need for variation two:
  • Good quality glossy paint

  • Paint brushes

How to do this craft:
  1. Cut cards from the poster paper to the size of a large wedding invitation card.

  2. Draw a broad border with the pencil and ruler around the one side of the card.

  3. Write an invitation to a wedding in the middle of the card on the side that you drew the border on.

  4. Write the bible verse on the other side of the card.

  5. Paint the border that you drew with the tick glue and sprinkle the confetti on to completely caver the border.

  6. Leave the card to dry for at least an hour.

  1. In stead of the confetti the border can also be made "collage" style with small pictures of flowers and wedding bells cut from magazines.

  2. Another variation, if the kids are older and a little more artistic, is for the kids to decorate the border by painting a decorative design on it.

This bible school craft is one of the bible school crafts that give the kids something really beautiful to take home as a keepsake. It might be a good idea to make a decorated box at the beginning of the school, for the kids to keep all the crafts in that they want to keep for taking home.

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