Friday, May 2, 2008

Fun Kids Crafts: Making Leaf Prints Gift Wrapping For Mom's Mother's Day Gift

This is one of our fun kid's crafts that the kids find absolutely fascinating. Kids love making things they can actually use. I thought with mother's day around the corner, what better opportunity can you get to make this fun wrapping paper. It is spring now and you should be able to find lovely new leaves for this craft.

What you need for this craft:

*White wrapping paper

*Leafs, try and get a wide variety to make really pretty paper (not dried out)

*Thick paint (as many colors as you want to use)

*Paint brushes (one for each color you want to use)

*Old plates (one for every color you want to use)

*An old newspaper

This is what you need to do:

1. Pour some paint onto one of the plates.

2. Ad a little water to the paint to make it only a little bit runnier.

3. Place one of your leaves on an old newspaper with the underside facing up.

4. Now you brush a thick layer of paint onto the underside of the leaf.

5. Press the leaf with the painted side down on the newspaper to remove excess paint.

6. Now your leaf is ready to press on the white gift wrapping as your first print.

7. Continue with more leaves and colors until your gift wrap is covered.

This is one of our fun kids' crafts that give you an ideal opportunity for a biology lesson. Tell the kids about the tree sucking up water from the soil, with the water flowing up the stem and then into the leaves through the veins. Show them how the veins can be seen clearly in the prints on the paper.

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