Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Easy Summer Craft: A Pretty Flower Pen

This easy summer craft is for those little ladies that have a lot of appointments to keep for the summer! A beautiful pen with a flower on top

What you need for this craft:

  1. A silk flower of your choice, choose one to go with the color of your ribbon and it must have a stem on it of 2" (trim the stem if it is too long)
  2. Craft glue
  3. A pen without a clip for the pocket
  4. Craft scissors
  5. Double-sided tape
  6. Satin ribbon, enough to cover your pen when you wrap it around your pen

How to do this craft:

  1. Start by placing a strip of double-sided tape along the length of the pen leaving about a ½" at the point of the pen.
  2. Now you start at the point side of the pen and place about a ¼" piece length wise on the double-sided tape from the top down to the bottom.
  3. Wind the ribbon around the pen widthwise from the bottom covering the end of the ribbon.
  4. Continue winding the ribbon to the top of the pen until there is 2" over.
  5. Place the stem of the flower on the double-sided tape and continue winding the ribbon around the pen and the stem to cover the stem. This way you are attaching the flower to the pen.
  6. When you reach the top of the pen, you apply a drop of glue onto the ribbon.
  7. Now you smooth the ribbon around and onto the pen pressing it down with your finger.
  8. Let the pen dry for at least 15 minutes to dry completely.

You now have a beautiful pen to use this summer. For more summer crafts you can visit Fun Kids Crafts. You can also get more summer crafts HERE. If you are looking for kids bible crafts you can visit Bible Crafts For Kids

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