Thursday, November 12, 2009

Make Your Own Playdough, Paint and Other Craft Materials – Easy Recipes to Use With Young Children

Make Your Own Playdough, Paint and Other Craft Materials is a book full of recipes for art materials, including playdough, paint, glitter and other crafty materials. By using ingredients from your own kitchen, you’ll save money. The recipes use non-toxic ingredients so that children can be involved in the making of the materials, which is fun and educational.

The recipes include more than 20 different playdough recipes, including cooked and non-cooked playdough, scented dough, cinnamon dough, salt dough, nature’s playdough, bumpy textured dough, sawdust dough and many more. It also gives ideas on how to use playdough with children and what they learn from using it.

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Other recipes include homemade clay recipes, paint recipes, paste and glue recipes and goop and glob recipes. Ideas on how to make discovery bottles, i.e. glitter bottle, rain bottle, bubble bottle are also provided. You can read up on recipes for papier-mâché, bath salts, perfume, invisible ink, various bubble recipes, sidewalk chalk, art gems, flower transfers, suncatchers and tips on creatively using chalk and bubbles.

This book is a super way of spending less on art supplies and at the same time having tons of fun with your children. The kids will love to be involved in the process of making the material, they will learn to measure, learn about science and the effects of various materials and will be able to experiment with texture, scent and different colorings.

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