Saturday, May 23, 2009

Make Your Own Birthday Banner

Make Your Own Birthday Banner

Every birthday party needs a banner. Just go to any party supply shop, and you'll see all sorts of styles to choose from. But why buy the same banners everyone else is using when you can easily make a unique handmade one?

e birthday banners can showcase your kids' budding artistic ability, or they can be the picture of elegance. It's all up to you.


* Different types of paper - construction paper and plain white paper work well, or you could use
a patterned scrapbooking paper with a coordinating plain paper.
* Ruler

* Pencil

* Glue stick or other type of glue that works well with paper

* Markers

* Glitter glue, stickers, stick-on gems and other decorative items

* Hole punch or notching tool

* A piece of ribbon that is long enough to run through the banner and be used to hang it


* Determine what shape you want to use for each part of your banner. Pennants are often used, but squares look nice too (and they're very easy to cut). You could also use two or three different shapes.

* Cut one type of paper into shapes of the desired size. Cut the other paper into the same shape, but make it an inch or so smaller.

* Draw one letter from the words "Happy Birthday" on each of the smaller squares, or have kids do it. Make sure each letter is large enough and dark enough to see from a distance.

* Glue each letter onto the middle of a corresponding shape. Decorate with glitter glue, stickers, stick-on gems or anything else you like.

* Use the hole punch or notching tool to make holes in the top of each shape, about an inch or so from each end.

* Put the letters in order. Thread the ribbon through each hole. When all of the letters are on the ribbon, center them. Tie knots or use glue to keep the letters on each end in place.

* Hang the banner by tying the ends of the ribbon to something, or by using thumbtacks.


* Use card stock or construction paper for the larger shapes. They will hold up much better than regular paper.

* For an elegant look, try using a solid piece of card stock for the larger shapes and a coordinating patterned piece of scrapbook paper for the smaller ones.

* If you're not good at making large letters, use a stencil or large foam alphabet stamps.

* If you want to be able to reuse your creation, fold it up so that the letters are stacked on top of one another and store it in a box in a safe place.

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