Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy Kids Crafts - Crafty Things Children Can Make Out of Household Articles

Easy Kids Crafts - Crafty Things Children Can Make Out of Household Articles

I think, we should all keep Easy Kids Crafts at hand. When boredom strikes, kids can get unruly. Our first instinct might be to buy them a new toy, but chances are they will eventually get bored with that too. Besides, toys cost money, and getting into a habit of buying toys to assuage boredom can be costly.

Giving children the opportunity to get creative is more effective and less expensive than shelling out money for new toys. And often, your kids can make crafts using items found around the house. So, I think keep these in mind for the next emergency and you will be ready with easy kids crafts to keep the little ones occupied!

Here are some ideas:


It's a fact of life: every child loves things that make noise. So we might as well let them make their own noisemakers. Maracas are easy to make using toilet paper rolls, dried beans, construction paper and glue. Just glue some construction paper over one end of the toilet paper roll, put some dried beans inside, and glue construction paper to the other end to seal.


A mobile makes a great room decoration. All it takes to make a simple one is a paper plate, some construction paper, some string and some tape. Just cut some shapes out of construction paper, poke a small hole in the top of each one, and tie a length of string through the hole. Then attach the other end of the string to the paper plate in the same manner. Use string to create a hanger, and secure all ends with tape.

Play-Doh sculptures

Play-Doh is a lifesaver when kids complain about having nothing to do. They can put it back in the container when they're done, but it's also great for making permanent sculptures. Just let them create whatever they please, adding embellishments you have on hand for decoration. Then let the sculptures dry for a day or two.

Macaroni necklaces

This is one of the best easy kids' crafts and it is a hit with young children. Just put some macaroni noodles in a jar with a few drops of food coloring, shake to color, and blot excess food coloring off with a paper towel. Repeat with one or two more colors, then string the macaroni onto a long piece of thread or elastic. Tie the ends together to complete.

Handprint wreath

This adorable craft is easy to make. Help your child trace her hand onto construction paper, and cut out. Repeat with two or three different colors of paper, making a total of at least ten handprints. Arrange them in a circle to form a wreath, and glue together with a glue stick.

Being creative is good for kids, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. They can make many crafts with things that we keep on hand. So the next time there's a rainy day, keep these easy kids crafts handy as simple yet fun projects.

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