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Toddler Crafts That Don't Require Any Scissors

Toddler Crafts That Don't Require Any Scissors

Crafts are good for kids. They can keep them productively occupied while you're doing work around the house, or give you something to do together. Crafting helps kids learn new skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Crafting is especially good for small children. They can gain hand-eye coordination, learn about shapes and colors, and more. But most crafts require the use of scissors, which can be difficult for a toddler to use properly. Even the small, blunt children's scissors can be too much of a challenge.

However, there are some crafts that your toddler can create without scissors. Here are a few to choose from:

1. Pipe cleaner crafts

Making things out of pipe cleaners is lots of fun, and it doesn't require any scissors. And it's not messy, either. Pipe cleaners are the only supplies needed. Your child can make people, animals, flowers and more out of colorful pipe cleaners.

2. Finger painting

Finger painting can be very messy, but kids love it and it doesn't require scissors or anything else that could be dangerous. It also provides parents with some nice art for the wall or refrigerator. Just outfit your child with a smock, cover the area with newspapers, and let him create a masterpiece.

3. Stickers

Kids love stickers, so why not let them make their own? You can find stickers with outlines that your child can color in at discount stores, or you can buy blank ones and let your child decorate them as he wishes. In a pinch, you could even give your child blank printer labels to decorate for use as stickers. Washable markers and glitter glue will minimize the mess factor.

4. Sculpting

Sculpture is a wonderful art for kids. They can make figurines, paperweights and more using only their hands and some Play-Doh. There's no baking required, and Play-Doh is non-toxic.

5. Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are both fun to make and useful. There are all sorts of ways your child can make them without using scissors. Clothespin magnets are great for holding shopping lists and other important notes. To make them, simply let your child decorate clothespins with magic markers. Then attach a self-adhesive magnet to the back. Magnets can also be created with Play-Doh, clay, seashells, or inkjet business cards. Virtually anything that is not too heavy will work.

These are just a few of the crafts your toddler can create without the use of scissors. You can find even more ideas online and in kids' craft books. And if you cut the materials before giving them to your child, there are even more things he can create. So don't avoid crafting with your child just because he can't use scissors. There are plenty of things he can make without them.

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