Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kids Crafts Ideas - Easy "Cell phone" For Kids To Make

Kids Crafts Ideas - Easy "Cell Phone"

This is once again one of our Kids Crafts Ideas that are meant for the little kids. It is an easy and fun project that the kids will love.

What you need for this kids crafts idea:

  • 1 Box the size of a cell phone. (Pill box or a tetra brick box for juice rinsed etc.)
  • 1 Black pipe cleaner
  • White paper
  • Ruler
  • Black felt-tipped pen
  • Paint brush
  • Black paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to doe this craft:

  1. Paint the box black and let the paint dry completely
  2. Draw a square on the white paper, divided in the inside to make squares for filling in the keys of the cell phone. For very little ones only make enough for all the numbers
  3. With your pen write in the numbers
  4. Cut out the square and paste it to the "front" of your cell phone
  5. Make a hole on the top and insert the pipe cleaner to make the "aerial"

That it, you have a "cell phone!" Kids Crafts Ideas can be simple. Sometimes the kids enjoy the easy and simple kid's crafts more. You can build a whole lesson around this about communication, how cell phones work and even numbers. Enjoy our Kids Crafts Ideas.

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