Monday, July 7, 2008

Kids Crafts - Decorating a Flower Pot

Kids Crafts - Decorating a Flower Pot

This is one of our Fun Kids Crafts where the end result can really be used as a decoration for any occasion. Adapt the colors to the occasion and the color scheme for your table.

What you need for this kids craft:

  • A small terra-cotta flower pot
  • Acrylic paint in the desired colors
  • A pencil with an eraser at the back
  • Wide green crafts sticks (1 to make the stem for each flower you want to make)
  • Dirt to fill your pot with
  • Small pebbles to cover the dirt in the pot with
  • Sticky-back crafting foam flowers and circles (for as many flowers as you want to put in your pot)
  • As many paper plates as the colors you are using

How to do this craft:

  1. Pour a little paint in a paper plate
  2. Dip the eraser of your pencil in the paint and press it on the pot to make a spot.
  3. Decorate the whole pot in this way with as many colors as you want.
  4. Let the paint dry completely.
  5. Fill the pot with the dirt.
  6. Make a foam flower by sticking a large flower onto a stick, then press a smaller one on top of that one, to make a layered flower, and finally press a dot in the middle to make the center of the flower.
  7. Now you push the sticks into the dirt in the pot.
  8. Cover the dirt with the pebbles
  9. You can also paint the pebbles if you wish to make it more colorful.

This is one of our Kids Crafts that you can adapt for many different uses. It is of course possible to plant a real plant in the pots and not the foam ones. You can also use this same kids craft to decorate bigger houseplant pots. Give the kids an opportunity to experiment and develop there creativity in this way.

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